Po¶rednik Budowlany ? direct contact to the Polish construction business

Po¶rednik Budowlany is the national specialist magazine for Polish companies from all segments of the construction business.

A high level of credibility and always current, consistently competent reporting in every one of the editorial sections has made this magazine the leading specialist magazine for the construction business in Poland.

International companies in the construction machinery business have long since permanently integrated Po¶rednik Budowlany as an ideal medium into their media planning. Both Germany and Poland have been benefiting since 1 May 2004, if not before, from lively economic activity ? it is no seldom occurrence that publication in this specialist magazine has opened doors for German exporters!

We are your interface, are at your side to consult you and serve you, if your company wishes to make itself known among managers and decision-makers. As general German agents of Po¶rednik Budowlany, we are your one and only service contact in Poland.

Without language barriers or mental hurdles ? direct, fast and effective!


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