MINERÁLNÍ SUROVINY/SUROWCE MINERALNE ? for manager in the raw and building-material industry

MINERÁLNÍ SUROVINY/SUROWCE MINERALNE is the cross-sector and transnation specialised for the extraction, processing and application of construction minerals in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. It is published in these three countries and is specifically concerned with the construction minerals industries there. The periodical is the official journal of Tì¾ební unie, the Czech mineral extraction association. It features regular reports on:
  • The extraction and processing of sand, gravel, quarried rock, monumental stone, crushed stone, chipping, asphalt, concrete, bricks and cement
  • The use of plant and machinery
  • Internal transport, organisation, rationalization
  • Sales and markets
  • The use of mineral aggregates for building, civil and highway engineering
  • Environmental protection, restoration and re-use.
New scientific discoveries and technical developments in these sectors are in the forefront of editorial coverage. MINERÁLNÍ SUROVINY/SUROWCE MINERALNE thus provides a specifically targeted link between production undertakings and the appropriate plant manufacturers.

The editorial program focuses on reports on national and international fairs and exhibitions as well as on information on new machinery, special equipment and plant. Special attention is paid on the transfer of technological know - how.

In this way, MINERÁLNÍ SUROVINY/SUROWCE MINERALNE makes a link between natural building material processing entrepreneurs and machine and equipment producers.

MINERÁLNÍ SUROVINY/SUROWCE MINERALNE is published in three languages - Czech, Slovak and Polish.


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