Direct Marketing ? works effectively, if you know your customer.

The ?sales dialogue in written form? is the most intensive medium in Eastern Europe after personal contact. With professionally processed, exact addresses and with the name of the actual decision-maker on the letter, the employment of direct mailings shows tangible success,

if you want to achieve the following in Eastern Europe, for example:
  • you wish to present products and how to use them in detail
  • you wish to address target customers on a particularly intensive and long-term level
  • you wish to inform your target group with maximum precision and invite them to act
  • you wish to maintain a close personal relationship to your customers despite being geographically distant
Our strength lies above all in the communication between Germany and the Eastern European countries. We are extremely familiar with the political and social customs of our Eastern European neighbours. As a result of intensive media co-operations, our contacts to journalists ? and also to business enterprises in all industry sectors ? are excellent; we overcome language barriers with our own, multi-lingual employees in the target countries.

Simply send us your requirements, your targets.
We would be delighted to offer you target-orientated solutions and competitively priced alternatives to classical advertising. Contact

By the way, we also take all operational tasks off your hands, such as, for example: visual and content, translations, production, letter shop, mailing ? as well as more extensive project steps, such as the setting up of hotlines, call centre services in the language of the country, or fax services...

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     We make the media landscape of Eastern Europe transparent

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